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Experience definitive detox with our Yeast and Parasite cleansing formula.
Yeast-Para Control is designed to remove yeast and parasites from the human body (as well as pets) simultaneously. These two unwanted tenants go hand in hand like Siamese Twins.
Dr. J has been the leading expert in treating yeast and parasitic infections for more than four decades. Our detox program has been regarded as the most cost-effective in the market. Symptoms such as allergies, headaches, mind fog, fatigue, depression, sore throats, sinus congestions, digestive problems, constipation, skin rash, and aches and pains, etc. can be reduced or eliminated within weeks or days after taking our Yeast-Para Control formula.
For those who are not familiar with or are sensitive to the “cleansing crisis,” the recommended beginning dosage is three capsules in the morning and another three in the afternoon. You may increase up to 15 capsules a day as needed for a chronic health or a severe acute condition.
Please note:
When the cleansing crisis occurs, you may experience headaches, arthritis-like aches and pains, frequent urination and/or bowel movements. Because your body is purging toxins, you may also experience extreme fatigue. Your body may also revisit previously suffered symptoms or additional symptoms you haven’t experienced.Please remember all cleansing crises are temporary. Sooner or later you will experience improvement, and after each cycle of cleansing crisis you will feel continuously better.
Cleansing crises will become easier to tolerate with persistent usage of the product.You can set your own pace for detox, increasing or decreasing dosage to set the pace.The amount of toxins needed to be purged will be the same.
To achieve best results, take Yeast-Para Control with Cleansing-Balance Tea. The analogy is this: Yeast-Para Control scrubs the toilet. Cleansing-Balance Tea flushes the toilet.


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